“Latvian Voices” and Rihards Zaļupe present a Winter solstice song.

Vocal group “Latvian Voices” presents their most recent work – a composition “ZIngi Pringi”. With this song “Latvian Voices” tell a winter story of child’s genuine  joy about the first snow, portray the Latvian tradition of “Ķekatas” (Ķekatas- wearing masks of different animals or creatures and going around the village to their neighbors to sing, dance and perform various rituals). “Zingi Pringi” creates a picture of winter’s coldness and austerity that can be experienced in nature, but also generates reflections and thoughts in every one of us.

The song “Zingi Pringi” also incorporates the nearly extinct Liv language.
The author of this song is the owner of group’s lowest voice Laura Leontjeva, percussions and drums are played by rhythm virtuoso Rihards Zaļupe.



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