Latvian Voices has released new single “Honey Tree”

Springtime has come with Latvian Voices presenting their new single “Honey Tree”.
Previously known as interpreters of Latvian folk music, now Latvian Voices are breaking out of its borders and actively creating original music. Already in the early summer vocal group will introduce their new concert show “Across The Borders” and song “Honey Tree” is the first glimpse of it. New program is prepared in collaboration with the composer and percussionist Rihards Zaļupe.
Single “Honey Tree” is inviting everyone to appreciate happiness that “falls form the sky” and quite often it happens in love season – spring. The composer and author of lyrics is Laura Jēkabsone.
The song is already available on Spotify and iTunes.
The first live presentation of the single was in “Latvian Records Year Awards Ceremony” where Latvian Voices got the Award of “The Best Vocal and Choir Music Album in 2014” – earbook “Sounds of Latvian Nature”.

Listen here:




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