New Christmas album “A Little Christmas Melancholia” by Latvian Voices

The live recording of concert "A Little Christmas Melancholia" was made at the Church of Luther in Riga (also known as Torņakalns Church) on December 20th, 2016. It includes original compositions written by the members of the group, as well as ancient Advent melodies merged with folk music and winter solstice traditions.

Vocal group Latvian Voices celebrates their birthday during the season of Advent. In 2009 the young singers were invited to take part in Christmas concerts in Hamburg, Germany, and because of this tour the group was formed. Until year 2016 Latvian Voices have spent each December in Germany, performing concerts in bigger and smaller churches, as well as in prestigious concert halls in Hamburg, Bamberg, etc.
In 2016 Latvian Voices for the first time in groups' career spent the Advent season back at home, performing the concert program "A Little Christmas Melancholia".

During the time before Christmas many of us experience a kind of melancholia; we hear our inner voice a bit clearer and spend more time thinking about things that really and genuinely matter. This gentle and resigned longing brings us towards a new meeting with joy. As pastor Juris Rubenis has said:  "Happiness is not wise. Sadness is."

"A Little Christmas Melancholia" is the third Christmas album by Latvian Voices. The first one “Seventh Heaven” was released in 2010. The second album, "Zeit der Wunder", was made in collaboration with the German vocal group "Viva Voce" and Universal Music in 2014.

Album is available in online shop: as a CD or digital download.



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