Vocal group Latvian Voices releases a new single Totari and prepares for Advent tour Little Christmas Melancholia

This week as an introduction to the upcoming Advent tour Little Christmas Melancholia the vocal group Latvian Voices releases their newest single Totari - a composition by one of the groups' singers Laura Jekabsone. The mixing and postproduction of the single has been made in collaboration with Gustavs Erenpreiss.

"Latvian folk songs have always been a fundamental part of the repertoire of Latvian Voices and an inspiration for new discoveries in music. Also the composition Totari is inspired by Latvian folklore although the musical material is Lauras' original work," tell the participants of the group.

With this song Latvian Voices encourages not to forget ones ethnic identity during the time of Winter solstice, to straighten ones back and breath in the air of Latvia's winter!

The first concert of the Latvian Voices tour Little Christmas Melancholia will take place on November 27th at Ogre St. Maynard Catholic Church.

The concert program Little Christmas Melancholia will introduce the listeners to new compositions made by the singers of the group (for example, Totari by Laura Jekabsone) as well as offer the opportunity to recognize traditional Christmas melodies intertwined with Latvian folk music and Winter solstice traditions. "During the eight years of groups' existence we have gathered a lot to say in the lyrics of our songs and in our original music. This tour will be like a summary of our years together because this will be the first time the group tours in Latvia and not somewhere abroad during Advent and Christmas time. We have also included in the program ancient Advent melodies combined with our own musical ideas - a meeting of the traditional and modern. Of course also the texts from folklore with our melodies will be an essential part of the concerts."

Also well known Christmas melodies will be sung to give the audience a light and elevated feeling when going out of the concert. Concerts will include songs like "What Child Is This?", "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel", "Totari", "Kalado", "Little Sad Christmas", "See Amid The Winter's Snow", , etc. The producer of the new program is Paula Plavniece and the visual design is in the hands of Mārcis Ziemiņš.

Concert venues:

November 27th 19:30 Ogre St. Maynard Catholic Church
December 4th 19:00 Jelgava St. Ann Ev. Lutheran Church
December 11th 17:00 Kuldiga St. Ann Ev. Lutheran Church
December 18th 18:00 Valmiera St. Simeon Ev. Lutheran Church
December 20th 18:00 Riga Torņkalns Ev. Lutheran Church

Tickets available at the cash desks of „Biļešu Padarīzes” and here :



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